This e-book previously contained in two Google docs i.e. Adopt OpenJDK Getting Started Kit and Adopt OpenJDK Intermediate & Advance experiences document is a result of community contributions from all across the world.

The document has grown especially during hackdays in London (host at the @salesforce office - support by @ljcjuc, @salesforce, @heroku, @hackthetower and @jr0cket).

Hack-a-thons, hackergarten and workshops held at various conferences across Europe have also helped developed them further.

Below is a list of contributors both individuals and groups (in no particular order):

  • London Java Community (LJC)
    • Julius Gamanyi
    • Mike Burton
    • Mike Bateman
    • John Patrick
    • and many members who participated at the hackdays
  • Mohan Radhakrishnan
  • BGJUG (Ivan, Martin, Dmitri)
  • CeJUG (Helio, Paulo)

If you don't find your name on the list above, please ping us and let us know, we will add it here.

Want to contribute to this book ?

See under section How to contribute to this book ?.

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