How to use JTReg… - Java Regression Test Harness ?

What is JTReg ?

JTReg stands for Java Regression Test suite, also see

How to use JTReg ?

Try out the below make commands to run tests on the individual components:

$ cd $HOME/sources/jdk8_tl/test

$ make jdk_core      &> openJDK_jdk_core_Test_Results.logs
$ make jdk_default   &> openJDK_jdk_default_Test_Results.logs 
$ make jdk_all       &> openJDK_jdk_all_Test_Results.logs

(the necessary environement variables need to be in place before the make test command work on the above components, for a bigger list see link.

  • Prerequisites:
    1) TEST.ROOT must exist in the folder where the below commands will be executed
    2) jdk images must be present as a result of the make images or make clean images command

  • Known issue:
    “Cannot determine the version of java”, solution: unset JT_JAVA in .bashrc

Method 1 to run jtreg from the CLI

$ java -jar $HOME/jtreg/lib/jtreg.jar -verbose:fail -jdk: <jdk8-path> $1

Method 2 to run jtreg from the CLI

$ $HOME/jtreg/linux/bin/jtreg -verbose:fail -jdk: <jdk8-path> $1

jdk8-path - same as $PRODUCT_HOME (for eg. $SOURCE_CODE/jdk8/build/macosx-x64-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image, this may differ on your system)

Replace the $1 with a file or a folder name, below are few examples:

$ cd $SOURCE_CODE/jdk8_tl/jdk/test

$ java -jar $HOME/jtreg/lib/jtreg.jar -verbose:all -jdk:$HOME/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image/ ./ 

$ java -jar $HOME/jtreg/lib/jtreg.jar -verbose:all  -jdk:$HOME/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image/ javax
(the above will run all the tests in the jdk/test/javax sub-folder)

$ $HOME/jtreg/linux/bin/jtreg -verbose:all -jdk:$HOME/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image/ java/lang/invoke/

(the above will run all the tests in the above mentioned test class)

The results can be found in the JTreport and JTwork folders.

/test/ folders in the $HOME/sources/jdk8 or $HOME/sources/jdk9 tree

Run the below to find out the repos or packages that have a test folder in it hence supports jtreg tests, meaning you can go into these folders and run make test or the jtreg CLI or binary file commands to run the respective tests:

$ tree -fL 5 | grep "/test/" | more

Our search gave us the below:


For example cd into $SOURCES/dev/jdk9/jdk/test or $SOURCES/dev/jdk9/hotspot/test Then run: jtreg -verbose:arg .

To run individual tests, specify a subfolder as the argument to jtreg, or cd into that subfolder before running jtreg.

Plenty to learn and know about OpenJDK hence we look at the tests to lear about the implementation code behind. them...

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