My OpenJDK8 does not build, why? I get an “Http: Error 404: Not Found”.

There has been a change to the address to mercurial repo for openjdk8, its changed from to

jdk8 Updates are available from

All hg clone commands should use the latter address, a solution to the problem can be found below under Download source by running... (#heading=h.fuqz6rlsthji).

I get an “HTTP Error 404: Not Found” when downloading sources (when I run ./ for the various repos

Fix 1

Edit all the .hg/hgrc file in the root repo ($HOME/SOURCE/jdk8_tl) along with those in repos hotspot, jaxws, jaxp, corba, nashorn, jdk, langtools, and change all references to .../tl/... to .../jdk8/… For example, change the below setting,

default =


default =

in the hotspot repo, and save the file. Rename the jdk8_tl folder to jdk8:

$ cd ..
$ mv jdk8_tl jdk8
  • or -

Fix 2

$ cd ..

$ mv jdk8_tl jdk8_tl_backup

$ hg clone

$ cd jdk8

$ chmod u+x

$ ./

$ bash configure

When the above steps work, remove the backup folder with

$ rm -fr jdk8_tl_backup

All references to jdk8_tl will change to jdk8.

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