OpenJDK 8 Vagrant Puppet

Please be mindful these files are several GB in size, so download these files only with a high-speed environment and not at a hands-on event.


Ubuntu 12.04 Sandbox is a vagrant Vagrant-based Puppet development environment used for running and testing OpenJDK 8 modules.

It has never been so easy to build the OpenJDK project. vagrant up will get you up and running o/ OpenJDK


To use this, you must have the following items installed and working:


Run Git Clone

git clone

Initial Startup

To bring up the Puppet Sandbox environment, issue the following command inside the adoptjdk-puppet-vm folder:

    $ vagrant up

Puppet will automatically install Mercurial and OpenJDK 7, clone OpenJDK 8 project, execute in order to download all OpenJDK 8 sources, run bash configure to ensure its all ready for the build and run make images in order to build the JDK8 images.

*Note that this process can take up to 50 minutes. Tested on a MacPro 2014 250GB SSD 16GB RAM.

If all goes well, you should see the following log message:

==> default: ## Finished images (build time 00:00:49)
==> default: ----- Build times -------
==> default: Start 2015-05-01 20:04:30
==> default: End   2015-05-01 20:51:58
==> default: 00:00:42 corba
==> default: 00:00:53 demos
==> default: 00:34:31 hotspot
==> default: 00:00:49 images
==> default: 00:00:26 jaxp
==> default: 00:00:38 jaxws
==> default: 00:08:28 jdk
==> default: 00:00:49 langtools
==> default: 00:00:12 nashorn
==> default: 00:47:28 TOTAL
==> default: -------------------------
==> default: Finished building OpenJDK for target 'images'

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