Additional pre-hackday actions for experienced attendees

Build your own VM

Note: you will need good bandwidth to download the files, and ample time for the build to finish. Not meant to be done over a wifi connection.

Build your own VM
Build your own light-weight VM

Check VM
  • Load the VM into VirtualBox
  • Start the VM
  • Run any program inside the VM
  • Shutdown the VM

Download / copy Docker Images

Once images are downloaded they can be copied from one location or device to another, see section Copy Images.


Build Images

Checkout Build Images under Docker images.

Check Images

Checkout Check Images under Docker images.

Verify installation and environment

Start the VM or the Docker Container, navigate to the jdk8 or jdk9 folders, and run the below command:

bash configure
make clean images

If one of these fails then the OpenJDK environment isn't correctly set or the new build is broken in OpenJDK master.


When done go to the How to navigate and make progress ? section, and move to the next step to continue with the flow.

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