How to contribute to Adopt OpenJDK and OpenJDK ?

How to contribute to Adopt OpenJDK ?

You can start contributing to Adopt OpenJDK by first signing up on one or more forms of social media listen on the Adopt OpenJDK homepage:

and then doing one or more of the following:

  • giving feedback on Adopt OpenJDK projects and/or OpenJDK projects
  • giving feedback on the new features / JEPs being worked on
  • engage in discussions on the mailing list (Adoption Discuss, see above)
  • trial the projects both on the github repos and share feedback on them
  • contribute to the github repos
  • contribute to the documentations (wiki and gitbook

How to contribute to OpenJDK ?

Adopt OpenJDK is a channel through which you contribute to OpenJDK and Java (the language and the platform).

Have a read of these sections in the book before making plans to submit any contributions to the code base:

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