How to contribute to this book ?

Contribute via GitBook

Create an account on and request to become a collaborator to the Adopt OpenJDK GitBook

Some documentation and how to install GitBook locally should also help in the process.

Contribute via GitHub

  1. Create a fork Visit this website to create a fork:

  2. Clone your version into your workspace
    git clone [email protected]:{YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT}/adoptopenjdk-getting-started-kit.git

  3. Add Upstream
    git remote add --track master upstream git://

Now you can update your fork with the original repository: git fetch upstream and git merge upstream/master

  1. Commit modified files
    git add <changes files / wild-card pattern>
    git commit -am "meaningful description about your changes"

  2. Push files git push

  3. Create a pull request Visit your repository on GitHub:{YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT}/adoptopenjdk-getting-started-kit/pulls and click on New Pull Request button and create a new one.

How to identify changes to the book ?

We have two scripts in the root folder of the repo, that creates a What's changed markdown page, like this one.

The What's changed markdown generator scripts are called and

Please feel free to improve it, provided it continues to do what it currently does and more.

See also Feedback, and How to contribute to Adopt OpenJDK and OpenJDK ?

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