Project Shenandoah

Shenandoah has been accepted as OpenJDK project.

Shenandoah will use OpenJDK infrastructure for hosting Shenandoah development:

  1. Use as mailing list for discussions and development.

  2. Use as wiki.

  3. Code repositories are

You will notice that there's a JDK9 and JDK8 branch in there. Both will be maintained.

The Mercurial history will remain on Icedtea servers, should anybody be interested in it.

Download JDK/JRE binaries for Project Shenandoah, from the Adopt OpenJDK Cloudbees build farm Shenandoah - JDK8 and Shenandoah - JDK9.

Video: Pavel Tisnovsky’s talk about Shenandoah GC

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